Religious Education

Religious Education (“RE”) for children ages 4-13 is offered at 11 a.m. each Sunday, September through June.  You and your family are welcome to drop by any time!

Adult RE programs have included a Spirituality and Film series, annual weekend retreats, “mini-retreats,” book groups, prayer groups, and special classes. See the order of service, weekly newsletter or this website for current offerings.

For more information about First Church’s RE program, please contact the church office.

Children’s RE

Nursery: Childcare is provided for children up to 4 years of age. The nursery is staffed by a remarkable youth from the church and supervised by the DRE. The Nursery is a safe, enclosed environment, enriched by toys, books and games, where parents have the option to stay and listen to the service via closed-captioned audio, or safely leave their children in order to attend worship in the sanctuary. Just as the doors leading into the church are open to all, you will find once inside that you are free to move between the sanctuary, nursery and parish hall, according to your needs.
Young Church: Each Sunday begins with a time dedicated to introducing children to a variety of liturgical and worship traditions, songs and methods of prayer. Young Church is led by DRE Kimberly Wootan.

Special Events for Children and Families

Each year, our church sponsors several special events for children and families. These include the annual Christmas pageant, Easter Egg Hunt, gardening Sunday, and more!

Adult Religious Education

Rev. Terry Burke, along with other facilitators, offers an annual “Spirituality and Film Series” where we view and discuss films about a specified topic: in the past, we have explored films about “spirituality and art,” “insiders vs. outsiders” and “spiritual quests,” and we have screened films by such notable directors as Tarkovsky, Kiarostami, the Coen Brothers, and Kurasawa. We also offer religious education opportunities for adults. In the past, we have studied the intersection of religion and science/technology, and the contemporary significance of classical mythology.