Social Action Group

We are an open committee. One does not have to commit to being a “committee member” to check out our meetings and participate in one or many of our social justice projects. Please feel free to contact Sarah Martin Hawkins (sarahmartinhawkins -at- or any member of the group with questions, comments, or concerns.


The Social Action Group provides leadership and service opportunities for the church community by choosing social action projects, facilitating congregational participation and working with other social justice groups.

The group focuses primarily on issues involving hunger, homelessness, and other social and economic justice issues by employing direct service, advocacy and education to achieve its goals.


Sojourner House: Sojourner House is a family shelter in Roxbury with whom we have partnered for several years. On Thanksgiving and Easter we conduct a special food collection and deliver turkeys, hams, and all the fixings for holiday dinners for all of the Sojourner House families and to supplement the Sojourner House Food Pantry. On Christmas we collect, and with the help of some of our youth members, wrap and deliver presents that fulfill the wish-lists of three families recommended to us by Sojourner House staff. The congregation has been very generous for all of these collections and the residents and staff of Sojourner House has expressed appreciation for this generosity.

One Family Scholars: For over five years, we have facilitated “One Family Sunday,” usually in May. For this special Sunday Service, in lieu of a sermon, One Family Scholars speak to the congregation about their life experiences and the progress they have made with the assistance of One Family. One Family is a non-profit organization that assists homeless women with education, job training, and other resources to assist them in moving out of homelessness and caring for themselves and their children. One Family Scholars are formerly homeless students who received scholarships, mentoring and other assistance from the One Family Campaign to help with their education.

The Food Project: We organize two days of service learning with the Food Project – one in the spring and one in the fall. The Food Project is an urban and suburban organic farm which provides training in urban agriculture to inner-city and suburban youth, and provides free and low-cost farm-grown food to homeless shelters and low-income buyers. The turnout of youth and adults for these trips is fantastic! In the fall, harvesting hundreds of pounds of food and in the spring, we enjoy a day of Spring planting. This is an opportunity for the entire congregation – youth and adult – to learn about and participate in the life and health of a community food project that depends on volunteer labor to survive and thrive. We’ve been doing this for several years and it’s always an enjoyable and satisfying experience.

Common Cathedral: For over four years, usually in the early summer, we prepare and serve lunch for Ecclesia Ministries‘ Common Cathedral, a worship service, held every Sunday on Boston Common for a largely homeless congregation. The morning of the service, the congregation comes together to assemble sandwiches and bag fruit for 150 people, which we transport to the Commons in time to serve lunch prior to the service. In addition to food donations, we also ask for donations of supplies needed for Ecclesia Ministries’ various programs.

As always we welcome suggestions and comments from the congregation regarding activities or initiatives. We stress that our meetings are open to all. You don’t have to join a committee to work with the Social Action Group.