First Church Rental Information


The First Church, Jamaica Plain, is located at the corner of Eliot and Centre Streets in Jamaica Plain (by the monument where entre and South Street split).  The front sanctuary entrance faces Centre Street and is accessible from a gated driveway off of Eliot Street.  The Parish Hall entrance is at 6 Eliot Street.  There are MBTA bus stops on Centre Street directly in front of the church (Forest Hills bus #39 and Jackson Center Street bus #41).  On street parking is available but limited.  Public parking is available in the municipal parking lot along Burroughs Place (behind Blanchard’s Liquor store).


The First Church consists of a large Sanctuary with pew boxes, Parish Hall (25’x35’) with 40’ ceiling and small stage “4’ by 20’), Dining Room (18’x25’), Kitchen and The Morse Room (a small meeting room).  Community organization meetings, workshops, arts group rehearsals and performances, local school PTA, rummage sales, festivals, contra dances and dance classes, coffeehouses and community dinners, as well as weddings are the types of events that are usually held and encouraged by the First Church.

Note: we rarely provide entirely free space, especially in the winter, due to high utility costs associated with use.

As of Jan. 1, 2020, a portion of the proceeds (or other contribution toward operating costs that is mutually acceptable) will be expected from all admission-charging events held in FCJP's space. While hosting such events for outside groups remains part of the church's mission, support for our church's operations needs to receive the same consideration as support for an external group receiving proceeds from ticket or admission costs. Later in 2020 we will be rolling out a new rate schedule with greater consistency and transparency in rates for committees and community groups, but until that is finalized, please check in with Gywn or Linda to discuss how this change affects your potential or upcoming event. We appreciate your collaboration in helping to ensure that First Church's operating needs are supported!



Morse Room (10 to 15 ppl)



Dining Room (10 to 40 ppl)



Parish Hall (100 ppl)

Sanctuary (300 to 400 ppl)

















Weddings in the sanctuary cost $700. which does not include the rental of the Parish Hall and dining room for a reception. 


For more information about building use/space rental please click on the rental agreement below or contact both Gwyn Helie at and Linda Olmstead at


Rental Agreement...




Special Note: Weddings

Thank you for considering our space for your special day! Please contact us to see the space in person, and to arrange time to speak with our minister, Rev. Elizabeth Bukey. If you are looking for a UU officiant, Rev. Bukey will provide a list of recommended clergy for you to contact.

Any time a couple wishes to use our sacred space for a service with officiants from other traditions, our process is to contact those clergy and make sure they understand our church's values about marriage. First Church is an open, affirming, welcoming congregation that has been celebrating LGBT persons and marrying all kinds of couples for decades. We are honored that so many people from other traditions want to use our space for their weddings, and we want to be clear that we expect all services conducted on our property to respect our values on this important issue of human dignity. While we welcome people of all theologies to use our space, our covenant with our LGBTQ members and our belief in the preciousness of every person convict us to ensure that no person in a position of authority speaks disparagingly about LGBT persons or the holiness of their relationships in our sacred space.