Environmental Justice Ministry at First Church


All life is interconnected. From the forest to the sea to humanity itself, each thread of being is woven into a single fabric of existence. We embrace nature’s beauty and are in awe of its power. We care for our environment so that it may sustain life for generations to come, an especially important responsibility because those who are most impacted by environmental destruction are often those with the least power. Creating a sustainable way of life is central to our view of a just and compassionate world.

It is our understanding that climate change, the unfortunate bi-product of the industrial revolution, is far advanced, already wreaking widespread environmental destruction and human displacement. The burden of climate change falls disproportionately on the poorer of the world’s populations. The planet is approaching a dangerous tipping point because of the greenhouse gas inventory accumulated in the atmosphere over the past century. The lethal cumulative limit is known, and we are fast approaching it. We could, within a decade, foreclose recovery and threaten survival of civilization as we know it.

Given our time in human history, we are compelled as Unitarian Universalists to pursue the development of a more rational and just society, one that enacts policies that seek to reverse and mitigate further damage to our collective home.

Actions already being embraced by the church include:

  • The church Trustees who are responsible for managing the church’s assets, have resolved to completely divest the endowment of fossil fuel stocks.

  • The church hosts the twice monthly meetings of the Boston chapter of 350MA, a statewide network of environmental activists.