Since its establishment in 1769, First Church in Jamaica Plain Unitarian Universalist has been at the heart of the community, both physically and spiritually. We seek to make the church more welcoming, more practical, and more efficient.

By protecting and preserving our historic building, we honor generations past. By making space within the building more functional and accessible, we encourage those who use it for worship, education, and service. These efforts reflect our deep commitment to identify First Church as a place of worship, a community center, a good neighbor, and a gathering place for those who pursue a better world.

First Church has held two Capital Campaigns in the past twenty-five years, most recently 1998- 2002. We raised funds for a wheelchair ramp and a handicapped accessible bathroom and we refurbished our pews.

Since then, we have implemented a strategic plan for the church and closely examined the sustainability of our beloved building. Our current Capital Campaign is an intentional, focused plan to make our space more functional and more comfortable by reducing clutter, reorganizing upstairs space, and upgrading our kitchen.

Our latest project, the construction of a new bathroom on the first floor, is almost complete! We are just waiting for the window frosting to arrive.


We have also begun the renovation of the second floor, which includes getting rid of the bathroom on the Eliot Street side, all new flooring surfaces, and the sprucing up of the other bathroom.


We thank all of you who have made your pledges to date -- you are responsible for this success!  We are very proud of our progress, and very happy to be part of such a warm and generous community. Thank you!  

The Capital Campaign Committee