Giving to First Church

This church is a community of ourselves.

Its energy and resources are our energy and resources.

Its wealth is what we share.

When we contribute to the life of this community, 

we affirm our lives within it, and enable its participation in the larger world.

—Mary Allen Walden

Generosity is a spiritual practice in all the world’s major faith traditions. At the UU Church in Jamaica Plain, we hope to guide you in finding volunteer opportunities that will nourish you spiritually. We also hope your commitment to our mission will extend to financial support.


As a congregation, most of our budget comes from us: from people who make and pay an annual pledge. While one-time donations are always welcome, pledges pay a crucial role in allowing us to plan our annual budget in a responsible way.

New to this whole "pledging" thing? A introduction is available from Rev. Elizabeth's mentor, Rev. Sharon Wylie, on her blog.


How much should you give? The most important factor is your own capacity to give. You know best what this is. Do not give out of what you need to survive, but do give enough that it is a meaningful spiritual practice of generosity. If you're working, Rev. Elizabeth suggests you give a percentage of your income, after that income has been adjusted to consider taxes, medical bills, care of a parent, or other large expenses. If you are not working, you might examine the amount of money you have left over after covering your monthly expenses, and decide from there what amount is possible.

Knowing that our congregation includes people of all class backgrounds and current economic positions; we ask those with greater capacity to give financially to do so, so that all of us can participate in community.


Please pledge with intention, generosity, and fearless determination as we work to support our beloved congregation. 

Submit your pledge with this form here, mail a pledge form to the church office, or give it in person to our Pledge Chair.

Your pledge history and amount is known to the Pledge Chair, the Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, Rev. Elizabeth, and the Office Administrator.

Rev. Elizabeth Bukey is also available to talk with you more about things like your pledge, your feelings on money, and generosity as a part of spiritual and community life. Set up a meeting to speak with her.