Proxy Voting

Being a member of First Church of Jamaica Plain accords the right and responsibility to vote on issues important to the church. We encourage church members to attend major church meetings, engage in discussion, and vote. There are occassions when you may not be able to attend, so proxy voting is allowed, per the church bylaws. You must inform the clerk, in writing (electronically or on paper) prior to the meeting, of the person you specify  as a proxy.

When you ask for a proxy, it is important to consider whether it is for a specific planned vote, a planned vote that may be amended during the meeting, or unexpected votes. When you ask someone to proxy for you, specify whether:

  • you would like them just to cast a vote you give them on a specific, pre-defined topic;

  • you would like them to be your proxy on a specific issue, in which case the proxy should understand your thinking well enough to apply it to adaptations; or

  • you trust the proxy to vote for you, on all issues arising before the congregation, regardless of whether you’ve discussed them.  This last option is not advised.


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