What to Expect in Worship

We gather in worship to find meaning and live more deeply. Worship creates connections within, among, and beyond us, calling us to our better selves, calling us to live with wisdom and compassion.

Unitarian Universalist worship styles vary by congregation, and even within congregations. Some congregations’ worship is contemporary and high tech. Some congregations’ worship is traditional and formal. Some features exuberant music, some includes long periods of silent reflection. Our congregation’s worship is reflective, with roots in liberal Protestant Christianity, and increasingly drawing on a diversity of wisdom sources and spiritual practices.

Our minister, Rev. Elizabeth Bukey, leads worship most Sundays. She is joined by our Music Director, Andrei Baumann, on keyboard, our Director of Religious Education, who tells a story for children of all ages, and by members of the congregation who volunteer to read, to greet the congregation, or sometimes to create and deliver their own reflections.

Because Unitarian Universalism welcomes and celebrates diversity, our worship services can be very different from one another. However, most will include the following elements:

  • Words of welcome

  • Lighting a flaming chalice, the symbol of our faith

  • Simple, a capella songs or hymns accompanied on keyboard (you're invited to sing along at home)

  • A short "interactive message" or story meant to be especially interesting to children

  • Instrumental music, usually on the keyboard.

  • Readings and reflections, sometimes from the Christian and Hebrew scriptures

  • A short sermon or "reflection," given by our professional minister, Rev. Elizabeth Bukey, a guest speaker, or a member of the congregation (watch past sermons here)

  • A "Common Prayer," said in unison, sometimes including versions of the Christian Lord's Prayer

  • Community prayer and silent time for personal prayer and meditation

  • An offering, collecting financial donations for the congregation or for justice work in the community


Everyone is welcome to participate as much or as little as they like in all aspects of our time together.


From time to time, worship services incorporate holiday celebrations, multigenerational plays and pageants, longer musical performances, child dedications, and coming-of-age ceremonies.

For a list of the upcoming services and topics, please see the upcoming services page.

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More Details: Zoom Worship

  • When it's time for worship, click on the Zoom link

  • Zoom will open; you will be placed in a "waiting room"

  • Please change your display name to include your first name and pronouns

  • All participants are muted during worship

  • It is up to you if you would like to turn on your video and be visible

  • You may share conversation in the chat box or ignore it

  • Please be respectful in the chat, abiding by our covenant of relationship

  • Children: children are welcome to join; participants must be mindful of the presence of children.

Here's a Zoom tutorial for more information

How To Join Worship

Download Zoom on your computer, tablet, or smartphone here.

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You can also watch live on Rev. Elizabeth Bukey's YouTube Channel

More Details: When We Gather In Person

Dress: There’s no dress code at First Church. You are probably more likely to find sweaters and jeans than you are a shirt and tie or “Sunday Best” attire. We want you to come however you feel most comfortable.

Time: The service starts at 11:00 AM, it lasts an hour and ten minutes and it is followed by an informal social time, during which coffee, tea and snacks are available.

Accessibility: The Parish Hall is wheelchair accessible, although our ramp begins on some bumpy bricks. We regret that services are currently not amplified. A printout of the readings and sermon is available if that would make your experience more accessible.

Children’s programs: If you come with children, you are welcome to have them either try out our Religious Education program or stay with you during the service. On most Sundays, the minister or worship leader will lead a message or story (a “Interactive Message”) early in the service, after which the kids go to the Stage room for their program. If you wish, you may also accompany them there.

Greeters: members of the congregation will be at the entrance to the church to welcome you and answer your questions. The minister or service leader will often greet people in the sanctuary.

Name tags: Members and regular attendees wear name tags most weeks. Newcomers are invited to wear temporary name tags, which are available at the greeter table.

Order of service: A greeter will give you a program that describes the sequence of the worship celebration for the morning including information on the hymns, prayers and readings. Hymn and reading numbers are also posted on the wall on both sides of the pulpit in the Sanctuary. Current announcements are on an insert in the order of service. The worship sequence is similar each week with some changes according to the worship theme, season or holiday. There are large print orders of service and announcements available.

Hymns: The hymnals we use and provide in the pews on Sundays are Singing the Living Tradition (the “gray hymnal”) and its supplement Singing the Journey (the "teal hymnal"). Lyrics to other hymns and vocal parts are included in the order of service.

Rev. Elizabeth leads a simple unaccompanied "centering hymn" every week, but otherwise our singing is accompanied by piano and occasionally organ or other instruments. Music is an essential part of our worship celebrations and congregational life.

Choir: Our volunteer choir is open to all who like to sing and is directed by our Acting Music Director Andrei Baumann. Rehearsals are usually held twice a month before the service.

Collection: We pass the plates each week for contributions to support the work and mission of First Church. Special collections, such as for the Minister’s Discretionary Fund, are taken occasionally during the church year. As a financially self-supporting, self-governing congregation, contributions by members cover most of our operating budget. We, at First Church, are grateful for all the contributions and support we receive, and we take an offering during worship both to collect money and to remember in ritual the importance of generosity. First-time visitors are invited to let the plates pass you by: you are our guest.

Fellowship: After worship, coffee hour is held in the parish hall, accessible through the doors on both sides of the altar. This is our friendly and informal social time for the church community, friends and visitors. Coffee, teas, and beverages for kids are provided by congregants. A different church member or group of members volunteers to provide light refreshments and to set-up and clean-up each week.

Summer Services: beginning on Sunday, June 21, 2020, services begin at 10:00 AM.

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